Friday, October 10, 2008

Where is the Leader ?

The world is in desperate need of Leadership to calm the panic and allay the fears that have crippled the normal flow of commerce. We need someone we can respect, who has the stature, the intellect and the ability to give the world confidence that, at last - at long last, there is now a leader who has the personality and the moral authority, to do what is best for the world. There is a need for statesmanship, high statesmanship. There is an urgent need to energize people, to activate latent human creativity and to give direction and hope to the world. A true World Leader, someone who can give us back some control over events in our lives. Once we lose even the perception of control, we tend to lose hope.

Such a leader must rise above tawdry party politics, and what he, or she, wants for their particular country. This leader must have a broader vision and to look to the needs of the world at large, for humanity. Because this is a human problem, it needs a human solution. It is people who are suffering – not money. People have attached themselves to money; they have made a statement that money identifies their position in the world and thus who they are. This is a tragedy. Human beings have the ability to rise above such limiting ideas when they come to realise that they are more than possessions. There is a grandeur and a greatness attached to the Human Psyche that transcends materiality. Once realised, it lifts the spirits of those who are weighed down by their fears; it shines a light in the dark corners of the mind and the fearsome shadows lurking there are shown to be what they are – just shadows.

This leader, and from the melting pot that is the current chaos and despair, a person of real stature will surely arise, will be someone who has a unique opportunity to show true statesmanship and bring unity to the world. At this time we all face the same trials and tribulations, the same loss of confidence; we have the same fears and doubts. There is a real concern about whether we will be able to make the next mortgage payment, or possibly where the next meal will come from. At this time any particular person’s best interests are the world’s best interests.

The current travesty, called ‘leadership’ in America, will soon come to an end. My hope and the World’s best hope is that whoever becomes the next President of the USA will be a person with the strength of character, the intellect, the courage, the moral fibre and wisdom to lift the world out of the recession, or even the depression, that now appears to be the situation. This will be a Herculean task.

This person will have to be the next American President because there is no other country with the strength, the regenerative powers or the inherent creativity to do what is necessary to firstly, solving its own problems and then secondly, applying its latent goodwill and moral authority – now gravely tarnished – to the task of curing the world’s current malaise.

Good luck to whom-so-ever it is.


Brock Atkinson said...

Why is it suddenly America's problem? China actually have more people and a larger economy, yet people still look to America to solve our problems.

The reason of the economic crisis is because the big companies in the world are spreading fear in order to line their own pockets.

On Friday, the news said that "$400 billion has been obliterated from the face of the Earth this week in the Australian stock market."

Now, if you know anything about economy, you would know that one does not simply roll up $4 000 000 000 in notes, and burn them. That just doesn't happen. Now, there are people around the world who have $4b more leverage than they had before.

The crisis will pass. I have my full support in the competence of world leaders.

Andrewlifecoach said...

You may be correct Brock. I am no apologist for America but it got the world into this mess and like it or not America is the only country to get us out of it. But it requires a strong leader, that the world can respect and to inspire confidence. Not the current one!!

Brock Atkinson said...

Then if you were American which way would you be voting; Democrat or Republic?

Andrewlifecoach said...

Ha! You re not going to catch me on that one!! If I was an American, which I am not, I would be greatly influenced by the state of the US economy, the value of my house, my business (if I had one) the secureness of my job, the standing of America in the world and how I felt that either candidate would help. That is their call not mine!!

Brock Atkinson said...

That's a very cheap answer (if it can even be called that).

Are you Liberal or Labour?

Andrewlifecoach said...

It was not supposed to be a cheap shot. An American has his views and I have mine. I am no longer fixed in my political views and ideology. I used to be but maybe I have become more tolerant as I have grown older. I am now more interested in how politicians and business treat human beings. We are not just 'demographics'. We are not just a marketing statistical variance. We are human. We cry and bleed when we are hurt. We have likes and dislikes, we are emotional beings.
Any political policy which has humanity as its basis will attract me - be it Democrat, Republican, Liberal or Labor. How it affect me and those I care for and the broader community will attract me.