Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Catholic Church

The Roman Catholic Church is instituting an old/new form of liturgy. It is old because it seems to revert to the ‘old fashioned’ form emphasising sin and redemption and less of the softer tones of forgiveness and mercy but it is new in that it is a change from the immediate past. It appears as if the Church is trying to revert back to the old days and ‘scare’ people into being ‘good’ – the Pope says people need to be ‘woken up’ – whatever that means. The trouble is that reverting back to the ‘old days’ will give the church hierarchy more power and control.

Isn’t it this power and control that got the church into the trouble it’s in now? What with paedophile priests being exposed seemingly everywhere surely they (the hierarchy) should learn from experience and accept that it was the ‘old’ form of the church that gave rise to these abhorrent practices.

Changing the form of the liturgy will not achieve anything. A much deeper and more fundamental change in the hierarchy is needed.