Sunday, October 30, 2011

QANTAS – conspiracy theory?

Is Alan Joyce a “sleeper”? I wonder if the CEO of QANTAS is a spy? Has he been planted by rivals to reduce the famous airline (slowly) to nothing? Otherwise why should he take the unprecedented step of shutting down the airline – basically until further notice? No businessman worth his salt would consider such an action without some sort of plan and without a time line. Without this timeline the crisis could (and most probably will) reduce the airline and the name QANTAS to a shell – something of no substance. Why?

Sure QANTAS has problems – all airlines have problems but why wreck it? Unions have their own agenda (I am not defending unions) and they have a right to attend to the needs and wishes of their members. This will almost certainly clash with the QANTAS management’s ideas of how the airline should be run. But isn’t that how democracy works? And aren't we members of the species Homo Sapiens (reasoning man)? Talk it over; reason with people; this is not a war to be won or lost! Remember history tells us that no one wins a war. In a war everybody suffers to a greater or lesser degree. Joyce is not suffering – not with a 70% increase in salary! And if he feels he is suffering - well it is entirely self inflicted.

For God’s sake TALK (I think it was Churchill who said that we need, "more jaw, jaw, and less war, war").

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