Monday, March 31, 2014

Change (and choice) is necessary.

Why is it that many people are so resistant to change or find it so difficult to choose between alternatives? Possibly change, and the consequences that will inevitably arise, may give rise to anxiety or worry and denial with some people. This is strange but understandable and may be a possible reason why we form habits – a predictable pattern of behaviour in a particular circumstance. Habits have the “benefit” of saving one from choosing or having to make decisions and, in addition, from past experience, the results are known to be generally “safe” and non-threatening.

For whatever reason, however, some worriers or anxious people have need to keep at least some semblance of control over events in their life. Change or choosing some alternative is something that cannot be contemplated. Such people like things to be “just so”. Any change takes them out of their comfort zone and introduces new and possibly uncontrollable factors which they cannot abide. Hence the anxiety.

Some cannot abide the thought of changing where they live; want to stay employed for all their working life in the same job – or at least with the same employer; always buy the same make of motor vehicle; always holiday in the same hotel, in the same town or beach resort; always insist on the same “Sunday roast” that they have always had every Sunday and so on and so on - the list is endless.

But reason suggests that this is a fruitless exercise. Nothing remains static – everything changes over time. Sometimes very quickly and sometimes over many years but change is inevitable. Change is not an option – it happens regardless.

Life, at least as we experience it on this Earth, needs change. Without change there would be no learning, no increase in knowledge. Without change there is no growth. Certainly there would be no personal growth without change and the choices we make, good, bad or indifferent.

We change in our lives – from children to adults to old age. Thereafter the greatest change of all and this is not a choice but an inevitability, and is accordingly feared by many – that death comes to us all at some time.

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