Sunday, July 6, 2014

Syria and Iraq - Back off and let them be!

Just imagine for a moment, if you can, what Mississippi Governor Bill Bryant (Republican) would say, or feel, if someone in Egypt or Saudi Arabia said that the current method of governance in that state was all wrong (constant bickering between Republican and Democratic parties and with strong racist tendencies) and they should institute a system, instead, based on the Koran.  

Furthermore, that both Egypt and Saudi Arabia would be prepared to support and finance any group who agreed with their views and which was prepared to challenge the current regime in Mississippi. And how would he feel if they strongly suggested, that he, Governor Bryant should be replaced, by force if necessary, as he was not acting in the interests of peace in the USA.

Apoplectic would be a mild description, I suggest!

Yet this (in reverse) is what the USA and their allies are suggesting for both Syria and Iraq. Now I might not have agreed with either the late Saddam Hussein (or the current regime of Nouri al-Mliki) or with Bashar al-Assad (or with the avowed policies of the brutal ISIS leadership) and their oppressive policies and yet both Iraq and Syria, before the current conflicts, were relatively stable and prosperous countries.

Contrast this with what is happening in those two countries now – today.

They are neither stable nor prosperous. And what disturbs me most is that we (the “West”) played a major part in destabilising both these countries. To what end? Hundreds of thousands dead, millions displaced, their economies in tatters and the prospects of any peaceful result is far distant.

Again, what disturbs me is that we (the West – America and others including Australia) were influential – if not the actual cause, of the problems that beset both Iraq and Syria. This was the nominally Christian “West” trying to change the politics and pick a winner in these two unfortunate countries, both Muslim. Both are now in the grip of extremists, which is what, I suggest, the “West” was trying to avoid in the first place!

Why can’t we – “the West” – learn the leave well alone and back off? How others govern themselves is no concern of ours; just as how we govern ourselves is no concern of others. As long as whatever conflicts they may experience are kept within their borders, let them be. Both geographic areas, now called Syria and Iraq, have tumultuous pasts going back to the beginning of recorded history and yet both have survived. Both Syrians and Iraqis are intelligent people, perfectly capable of working out their own destinies.

I am not a Muslim. But I think I have enough common sense to avoid trying to pick a winner when it comes to Sunni versus Shia in Iraq or Syria – or to try a pick what method of governance they would prefer or choose or what some non-Muslim may consider would be “best for them”.

Learn not to interfere where we are not wanted! Back off and let them be!!

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