Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Why aim for vulgarity?

I know now that I have reached a certain status in life! This morning the bus driver tilted the bus, to make it ‘kneel’ for me, to reduce the gap between the sidewalk and the bus step. It was a nice gesture – one not often bestowed on me!! Not that I really need it. I can make the step easily, even though I have a ‘bad’ knee which is shortly to be replaced with a new metal one.
Be that as it may, the bus driver’s gesture reminded me that what we do is a reflection of our thoughts. If our thoughts are ‘good’ then what we do will be more likely to be ‘good’. The reverse, by the way, is also true. It is just the way it is. We find it difficult to do things that a go against the ‘grain’ of our thoughts and feelings. Obviously we physically are capable of doing this, but we feel uncomfortable about this and, in the long term, continuing to do so will cause distress in one form or another. Remember, however, that we only do things if we see some benefit in it for us. This at least is true for me.
Following on from thoughts and things, there are bumper stickers. While I have nothing against bumper stickers – some can be very amusing, there are those with “Bad Bitch”, or worse, written in heavy gothic script. And then there are those decals of a WWII German Army helmet (with SS insignia) covering a skull with crossed bones underneath, stuck on the rear window. What are these people thinking? Why the apparent desire to associate with ugliness and unpleasantness? Why the acceptance of vulgarity and the wish to reduce everything to its lowest common denominator? What do people hope to get out of these displays? What benefit do they hope to gain? Notoriety? Being different and standing out from the crowd? There are more pleasant and uplifting ways of doing this.
No need to wonder why there is so much unhappiness and violence around!

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