Thursday, November 20, 2008

Being back

Will someone remind me why we have such things as a computer virus? What is the point? This one cost me both time and money to clean up. What has been achieved and by whom? Some nerds somewhere in darkened rooms devise these programmes to both damage computers and irritate the hell out of innocent users. The mind boggles at the mentality of such people.
The whole computer had to be cleaned up so I am slowly re-activating, upgrading and generally finding out what is missing, just to satisfy some idiot’s ego! Hah!
I believe that I have now sorted out my problems and all seems to be going well.

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Brock Atkinson said...

It's a conspiracy.

The anti-virus companies actually create them, scaring the consumers into buying their latest products.

And prior to original thought, they're not necessarily done in darkened rooms, but well-lit cubicles.

Also, they're called 'programs', as a 'programme' is a series of minor events that happen at a major event.


Good to hear it's back in working order.