Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Pain has the effect of concentrating the mind in no uncertain fashion. It has the tendency to make one very self-centred. The rest of the world can go hang – nothing matters except the pain. And I do not just mean physical pain – emotional pain has the same effect. The strange thing about the pain is that it is not until it subsides or is alleviated that this effect is recognised. Pain is a warning that the body (for physical pain), or mind (emotional pain), is in some sort of trouble. In my case it is the physical pain brought about by my knee operation.
Generally I have plenty of thoughts about all sorts of topics for me to write about. I have never found myself short of words, as it were, that is until now. There is still no shortage of things to write about and comment on, but I feel tired and couldn’t be bothered – “I will do it tomorrow” sort of thing.
Energy, then sleep, then eat, then sleep, then energy, seems to be the cycle. Very odd. It has taken me nearly two days to write this little piece! Now I feel tired again. See you later.

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